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Bulk Candy - White & Blue Chocolate Lentils

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Do you LOVE candy? We share your passion. Need a ton of candy for a special event? Deliver Kosher's got you covered. Sourced from the most esteemed candy makers from around the world, Deliver Kosher has put together an extremely broad collection of bulk candy to fullfill your every need.

Product Features:

*Similar to M&M's these chocolate lentils are small chocolate morsels covered in crispy colorful candy shells.

*Bright and festive, these chocolate lentils are perfect for decorating any edible arangement as well as snacking on one-by-one.

*These treats come in an assortment of light blue and white.

*Certified Kosher - Parve.

*Available in 1 pound increments from 1lb-10lbs.

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