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Bulk Candy - Jelly Filled Strawberry Gummies

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Do you LOVE candy? We share your passion. Need a ton of candy for a special event? Deliver Kosher's got you covered. Sourced from the most esteemed candy makers from around the world, Deliver Kosher has put together an extremely broad collection of bulk candy to fullfill your every need.

Product Features:

*Shaped like beautiful ripe straberries, these gummy candies contain a delicious surprise.

*Packed within each treat is a blend of strawberry jelly that will explode with flavor when bitten into.

*The top sides of the gummy strawberries are a brilliant red, while the stem undersides are a tangy green.

*Certified Kosher under the supervision of the Bedatz Bedatz Igod Rabanim.

*Available in 1 pound increments from 1lb-10lbs.

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