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Bulk Candy - Sour Apple Belts

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Product Features:

  • Deliver Kosher’s huge selection of kosher bulk candy now includes Sour Green Apple Belts. Available in small to large sizes ranging from 1 to 10 lb bags. These tasty treats feature a sour belt mix of green apple flavor which have been given the sour treatment. These tangy sour power belts are packed with exceptionally tart & juicy green apple flavor that are sure to make you pucker with delight and keep you coming back for more. Taste is sharp and refreshing, just like the real fruits!
  • Sourced from the most esteemed candy makers from around the world, we’ve put together an extremely broad collection of kosher bulk candy to fulfill your every need. Whether you’re in need of candy for vending machines, bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvahs, you can trust that Deliver Kosher’s got you covered. Our consistent product quality and unmatched customer satisfaction have quickly made Deliver Kosher the market’s most trusted source of high quality bulk candy that abides by kashrut law.
  • These sour belt, also known as candy belts or sour strips, are dusted in a coat of sugar to prevent them from sticking to each other. While the dusted sugar makes these belts look rough, they are actually quite soft and provide for a delightfully chewy experience. You’ll notice that, unlike other sour belts who lose their flavor a few moments after biting into them, these sour belts have long lasting flavor that will make your mouth water until the very end.
  • These belts are made in Spain by the Spanish candy company Fini. While they are usually sold by the tub, Deliver Kosher offers them in 1lb increments from 1-10lbs. They make for perfect Hanukkah candy and Purim candy and can be used for virtually any occasion.  They look just as great laid out at a wedding candy buffet as they do stuffed into goody bags or party favors. You can use them to decorate any edible arrangement or you can simply give them as a gift to your favorite candy lover!
  • Certified Star-K Kosher-Parve under the strict supervision of The Vaad Hakashrus of Baltimore. All Deliver Kosher products are sold with a 30-day, full-money-back warranty and can be returned with no questions asked. Free gift messaging is available and includes a hand-written note on special Deliver Kosher stationary. Click the “Add to Cart” button and buy it now!

Deliver Kosher is proud to present Fini Cintaroos in a deliciously sour green apple flavor. These gorgeous, mouth-watering candy belts feature thin flat strips of chewy gummy candy that boasts a powerful taste of sour green apple. Once you get through the initial sour of the fruit flavors, you are rewarded with a pleasant sweetness that’s unique to sour belts. Available by the pound in 1-10 lb bags.

Deliver Kosher is #1 in the kosher candy and chocolate market and easily offers the largest selection of kosher bulk candy on Amazon. With an emphasis on delicious, high quality and presentable products, Deliver Kosher has established itself as a leader in its trade. Deliver Kosher understands that its customers seek great tasting, fresh and presentable candy gifts and strives to shatter any expectations.

These delicious fruity snacks are usually only sold by the tub, but Deliver Kosher is making them available by the pound to ensure you get exactly what you need! Each piece of this scrumptious candy is dusted in a light sugar coat to make sure that they don’t get stuck to each other. We offer only the freshest sour belts and you can be confident that each piece will be just as soft, chewy and delicious as the last. These delicacies are made in Spain and are certified Kosher – Pareve, fat free & gelatin free.

These sour carpets are the perfect all-purpose candy that can be used for virtually any occasion. It’s variety of bright colors can be used to enliven any arrangement, while its sharp taste guarantees that the kids will love them. Great for birthday parties, Halloween parties and it’s the perfect gift to give to your favorite sweet-tooth. You’ll find these sour then sweet belts so delicious, you’ll need a few pounds to keep your house stocked up for good!

Sold with a 30-day, full-money-back warranty, this item can be returned with no questions asked and with absolutely no hassles. Click the “Add-to-Cart” button and buy it now!

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