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Bulk Candy - Red-Yellow Spiral Licorice

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Do you LOVE candy? We share your passion. Need a ton of candy for a special event? Deliver Kosher's got you covered. Sourced from the most esteemed candy makers from around the world, Deliver Kosher has put together an extremely broad collection of bulk candy to fullfill your every need.

Product Features:

*Spiral licorice candy that comes with two differently colored sides. One side is red while the other is yellow.

*Whether you like to unroll your licorice or eat it all at once, our spiral licorice is the perfect candy snack for everyone.

*Each piece is naturally fat-free so its the perfect year-round snack.

*Certified Kosher - Parve.

*Available in 1 pound increments from 1lb-10lbs.

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